Client Moment

Interview with Chris Cullen
the development and marketing director at Trinity School school.

He explains the thinking behind the video project, the idea and how it was done plus his long term goals with digital and online media.

Clicks are vanity, leads are the new sanity!



Google has made AdWords a little bit more local for businesses by allowing them to run location extensions on adverts. According to Google, location extensions allow you to 'extend' your Ad Words campaigns by attaching your business address to your ads.

Once you link your AdWords campaign to your Google business centre account, Google will dynamically match a Google Adwords business's locations to a user's location. And then show the appropriate address with text ads. If Google can't approximate the searcherís address, then the ad will be shown without an address.

You can turn off the dynamic feature and show a specific address with a particular ad, so that the address shown is not based on the searcher's location. The ads can be shown with their address extensions on Google and Google Maps and as regular text ads without the extensions on partner sites in the Search and Content Networks.

Now that Ad Words has introduced the location extension feature, Google says local business ads won't be a separate ad format, as local business ads will include the extensions. This is all part of Google's attempt to crack the online local advertising market, which remains a challenge (and opportunity) for all the big Web companies.

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