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Client Moment

Interview with Chris Cullen
the development and marketing director at Trinity School school.

He explains the thinking behind the video project, the idea and how it was done plus his long term goals with digital and online media.

Clicks are vanity, leads are the new sanity!


Analyse this

Web site analytics may not tell make you laugh and it almost certainly won't buy you a pint down the pub but nonetheless there are many reasons why you should start using them today!
If you implement analytics correctly and set meaningful goals your software package will tell you exactly how well your web site is performing. Analise everything It won't give you a motivational pick up when you're doing badly and it won't beat up on you (to stop your head getting too big) when you're doing well. It will just give you an absolutely unbiased appraisal of your web site's performance using the data it collects.
The trick with this is twofold. Once again you will have to learn a new language to really understand what is going on. However if you can't be bothered we can do this for you. Contact us today.