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Client Moment

Interview with Chris Cullen
the development and marketing director at Trinity School school.

He explains the thinking behind the video project, the idea and how it was done plus his long term goals with digital and online media.

Clicks are vanity, leads are the new sanity!


What is king?

Web Video Content If you've been around the search-marketing block a few times, you've heard this statement more times than you can count. I know it sounds redundant, but until more companies do a better job at focusing on their Web site copy, it bears repeating. Well written content is important for three primary reasons:

I've seen more than my share of companies who depend too heavily upon the popularity of their brand to drive traffic to their site. Of course, it's great that they have established their name or product in the minds of the public. Content is king But if you have one competitor who has done the same, and also provides quality written content on each page of their web site, you' ve just lost a share of the market for no good reason.

So how do your pages stand out from the rest? We can tell you and sort out any problems you might have.
Video and audio is now a must have and featureing in search results - f ind out more at Web Video