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Current area of focus is professional services



Client Moment

Interview with Chris Cullen
the development and marketing director at Trinity School school.

He explains the thinking behind the video project, the idea and how it was done plus his long term goals with digital and online media.

Clicks are vanity, leads are the new sanity!


So what can we do for you.

Give me thirty seconds and think about this

When you meet a prospective client you don't give them a brochure about your services and tell them to read it. services.jpg - 40022 Bytes

Would it make sense to do the same on your web site?

Online video and audio has a far higher retention rate as it appeals to more of the senses and Web Video are market leaders in this field. wO

We called this part of the business marketing weapons because that is what clients told us we had, bless them ;) In short we can take your existing online offering and make it work better. By that we mean at least pay for itself.

Put simply we can do just what you need.

Get your web site found by more people that will want to do business with you

Working as a team Marketing Weapons and Web Video are an award winning combination working to make your business the online success you want it to be