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Client Moment

Interview with Chris Cullen
the development and marketing director at Trinity School school.

He explains the thinking behind the video project, the idea and how it was done plus his long term goals with digital and online media.

Clicks are vanity, leads are the new sanity!

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So who are we?

Ah the big question. No doubt leading on to life the universe and everything ...

We are four in number and we spread out all over the world. Don't panic this is good news for you. We have been working together as a team for seven years now. As we all live in different time zones we work a 20 hour day, which is good for you as we can get problems solved and projects up and running faster than most.

The other advantage is that we are all freelance. This is great news for you as we are working with many new and emerging technologies daily. So if it is happening, or about to happen, you can be certain that we will be all over it.

So in order of importance, said the man typing this. Who are we- interesting question
John Reynolds Numero Uno.
Award Winning Broadcast journalist, TV and Radio. SEO Guru and marketing and CRM advocate (that should make people that know me laugh) UK

Artur Levchenko Originally from the Ukraine now living in Canada. PHP / mysql / sms expert. It is quicker to say what he can't do when it comes to online.

Adam. Server Administrator. Some say that he was made from recycled server parts. Some also say that he is nothing more than vapour. All we know is that he is based in New York

Shelley Designer. I have known Shell for 10 years now and she is one of the best. Currently based in Texas. She moves around a lot, no she is not on the run ;).

The other great thing is that we all know other very clever people if we get stuck ;)